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Mahim (Marathi pronunciation: [ma..i..m]) is a neighbourhood in Mumbai, India. On the Mumbai suburban railway on the Western Railway line. Mahim is focused on upholding the values of Indian culture and diversity, having a temple, church, mosque and fire-temple existing within a few meters of each other.

2 BHK on Rent at Mori Road, Mahim West

2 BHK on Rent at Mahim West

2 BHK on Rent at Mori Road, Mahim West

The name Mahim is derived from the ancient Mahikavati meaning "miraculous" in Sanskrit. Other historical names for the area include Mahimawati, Maijim, and Mejambu. [1] Mahim was one of the seven islands that originally made up Mumbai. Mahim, or Mahikawati as it was known, was the capital of Raja Bhimdev, who reigned over the region in the 13th century. He built a palace and a court of justice in Prabhadevi, as well as the first Babulnath temple

In 1343, this island was possessed by the Delhi Sultanate. It was in their reign that the old Mahim mosque was built. A dargah of Makhdoom Ali Mahimi was built here in 1431. In 1543, the Portuguese captured the islands of Mumbai. In 1662, these islands were given to the English King, King Charles II, as a part of the wedding dowry for the Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza. After British acquired Mumbai, they built the Mahim Fort here to protect themselves from the Marathas. The fort today stands in ruins.

The causeway connecting Mahim and Bandra (corrupted from "Bunder" meaning port in Persian) was completed in 1845 at a cost of Rs. 1,57,000 donated entirely by Lady Avabai Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, wife of the first baronet Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy with a stipulation that no toll would be charged to citizens for its use by the government.